Challenge Assumptions Episode 25 Justin Goff

Justin Goff is a 33 year old online entrepreneur, expert copywriter, and partner in an online supplement company that did 23 million in revenue in 2016.  He passed on getting a job right out of college and decided to go all in with his online business.   It worked for awhile, until a perfect storm of personal and business problems finally came to a head.  Justin ended up rebranded his business and quickly began to make substantial profits through Facebook advertising.  It gave him the confidence in his ideas he needed to achieve the success he’s had to date.  

Listen to Justin challenge many of the sacred assumptions about online marketing and direct mail sales.  Is there a threshold for how much advertising you can dish to a subscriber before they bail?  Or what about when customers are most likely to spend money on your products?  Does it happen gradually or are there bursts of purchasing that you can better understand?  Find out the answer to these questions and more on this episode of Challenge Assumptions.