Challenge Assumptions Episode 52 – Richard Chapo – Internet Business Lawyer

Richard Chapo - Internet Business Lawyer

In our world today so much business is done online.   It can be confusing and complex for entrepreneurs when trying to follow the law.

Richard Chapo, Internet Business Lawyer, got his start as a licensed attorney back in 1992.  After working for a firm specializing in complex contractual bad faith matters Richard developed a case of wanderlust.   Siberia was his next stop.  He worked as a professor teaching law and cultural English there.  Upon returning, his attention focused on the commercialization of the internet.  Internet law was in its infancy in 2000, with even common documents such as a privacy policy, or terms and conditions, open to legal interpretation. 

Since then Richard has been operating his own firm specializing in cyber law with an emphasis on providing legal advice on topics such as copyright infringement, trademarks, privacy, user-generated content, section 230 defamation, COPPA, FERPA compliance for private companies, and a host of other topics. He regularly negotiates and prepares contract agreements, terms of service, disclaimers, and web development agreements as well as other legal documents for clients.

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