Challenge Assumptions Episode 24 Bedros Keuilian – Fit Body Bootcamp

Bedros Keuilian is a fitness marketing expert and is known as the hidden genius behind many of the top six and seven figure earning personal trainers in the world. He's also president of Fit Body Boot Camp, a boot camp marketing and fitness program.  His expert use of social media has propelled all of his business endeavors into massively successful enterprises.  

Today on the Challenge Assumptions Podcast we meet Bedros, an immigrant to the United States who showed up with little more than his family and the clothes on his back.  His fitness journey began in high school when he began to build his body into a finely tuned machine.  He went on to become a trainer and quickly realized he needed something more than just being a great trainer with a passion for fitness.   He began to challenge the assumptions of how to earn serious money in the fitness industry, creating programs and online marketing campaigns that skyrocketed his success in the fitness industry.  Join us today to find out more about his fascinating story and how his explosive success is contagious to everyone he’s involved with.