Challenge Assumptions Episode 45 – Tristan White – Culture Is Everything Blog

Tristan White - Culture Is Everything Blog - Phsysio Co.

Is growing an intentional culture and a set of core values a missing piece to your success strategy?

Culture Is Everything blogger and CEO of The Physio Co, Tristan White joins us on the show today to explore the value of building a strong team culture in the workplace.

Tristan hails from the Land Down Under where he got his start working with professional athletes as a Sports Physiotherapist. After coming to the realization that working with top athletes to make them even healthier just wasn’t that inspiring to him, Tristan entered the much less sexy world of aged care. He quickly realized the immense need for his talents and began to expand his business.

Tristan became obsessed with the success of his business and building a strong workplace culture. He developed a system that could be implemented across all businesses.

Would you like to know more about the strategies that can improve workplace productivity?

Join us today on Challenge Assumptions to find out this and more!