Challenge Assumptions Episode 15 Zoracle

Rebecca Monet of Zoracle Profiles joins Greg and Gene in a fun exploration of her personal entrepreneurial journey and her knowledge of social sciences. She goes way beyond the traditional single metric approach to psychographic profiling, like Myers-Briggs or DISC analysis alone, including a custom values analysis based on the VALS assessment research methodology developed at Stanford.

Both engaging and intellectually proficient, Rebecca delivers information of use to any business trying to scientifically understand which employees are a good fit, and what messages will attract their ideal buyers.

Rebecca Monet provides leading franchisors and franchise brokers with software tools to help determine the optimal fit for a potential franchisee to a business. Her consulting knowledge ranges years and depth of scientific study in social sciences, including work at Deloitte and other major clients.

Zoracle provides a unique combination of analysis. They are unique in the world of psychographics through the SpotOn! Tool which combines six different sciences into a single tool. The analysis includes things like needs and wants, competencies, personality and work style, cultural fit and values.