Challenge Assumptions Episode 42 – Dave Sanderson – Inspirational Speaker and “Miracle on the Hudson Survivor”

Dave Sanderson - Inspirational Survivor, Speaker, and Author

How can you use traumatic life experiences to reinvent the vision for your businessDave Sanderson happens to be an expert in re contextualizing these types of experiences, so they can benefit your life and career, instead of destroying it. 

Dave had the unbelievable experience of being the last passenger off of Flight 1549.  The plane that miraculously landed on the waters of the frigid Hudson river.  You might remember it from the movie version "Sully".  Using this experience as what he's now termed a Post Traumatic Growth Experience, Dave has given an astounding number of talks on the subject, Including a Ted Talks.  He's helping people realize the amazing potential that exists in these types of crises. 

Dave has had the honor of working with Tony Robbins closely over the years as well in his security detail.  Watching the ins and outs of Tony's daily life was an invaluable experience that helped him catapult his own speaking career. 

Would you like to know how to transform one of the difficult parts of your life into a way that connects with a broader audience and client base?

Listen to Dave's harrowing tale and find out the answers on this episode of Challenge Assumptions.