reTHINK Sales Management - Version 0.1

Challenge Assumptions to Build Your Committed Tribe

reTHINK Sales Management challenges your assumptions about sales and sales management. With expertise in sales management, branding, and a record of phenomenal market growth, the author redefines our outlook in managing a team for the Millennial, internet age.

reTHINK Sales Management challenges you to re-evaluate your concept of certainty.  Re-examine how you forecast your business.  re-think your hiring decisions that are biased towards natural talent.  Learn from the latest insightful research. You are challenged to examine the core values that your company lives by and portrays to your customer and your teams.  You will re-think your presentation of those values and your direction within your market.

Whether a Fortune 500 company, or a hot dog stand, you can benefit by better serving your value discipline and better focusing your company in the right areas.  reTHINK Sales Management focuses not only on your presentation to the market and your team, but also the techniques and processes you use to effectively succeed.