Challenge Assumptions Episode 29 Matagorda Adventure Company

Matagorda Adventure Company

Christy Bishop, owner of Matagorda Adventure Company, found a way out of the rat race, and is turning her passions into a lucrative business modelMatagorda, the town, is located on a sleepy part of the Texas coastline.  The town which means thick bush in Spanish, has a population of only 500 people.   The town seems like a perfect place for an outdoor and adventure themed business to set up shop.  The LLC specializes in adventure activities, providing personalized tours, kayaking, supping, paddling, and yoga classes for people that want an escape from fast-paced city life.  

On this Episode of Challenge Assumptions we meet Christy.  It wasn’t always adventure and open spaces when it came to Christy's work life.  She spent the first part of her career climbing the corporate ladder.  Her experience in the business world prepared her for the challenges she would face when starting a small business, in a new location.  Listen to Christie discuss what its like to up end your career path, to follow your dreams.

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