Challenge Assumptions Episode 28 Jeff Dowd “The Dude”

Jeff Dowd "The Dude"

Jeff Dowd, better known as being the inspiration for the “The Dude” from the cult classic, The Big Lebowski, is an influencer, an activist and has been a driving force in independent film for decades. He helped shape the Sundance Film Festival early on with Hollywood legend Robert Redford.  Since then he’s been involved in many film projects, including the highest grossing independent film of all time, “The Blair Witch Project.”  Jeff, “The Dude” knows the secret to making something go viral as a hit. His latest project in the film industry is with partner Alex Nohe of Walking Shadows. It’s a musical called, Mary Jane - a Musical Potumenatary.  It follows the story of a back to the land pot farmer coming to terms with raising her son and her income in a black market economy.   

Would you like to know the secrets to explosive viral films success that you can apply to your own marketing strategy?

What about how to leverage maximum word of mouth for grass roots and free promotion?

Listen to Jeff Challenge Assumptions about what really makes something a viral hit, challenge the assumption that you need the "right backing" or needing to go through “gatekeepers" before you can achieve success in any business like the film industry.