Challenge Assumptions Episode 37 – Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo - Total Financial Control

Damion Lupo, CEO and Founder of Total Control Financial, joins us today on the Challenge Assumptions Podcast.  Raised in Alaska, Damion is part Alaskan and part Texan. He's a four-time college dropout who cut his teeth in the trenches of real life, becoming a self-made multimillionaire by age 25.  Starting at the age of 11, Damion has owned more than thirty different companies.  Damion is a seven time author, the founder of Yokido (his own form of martial arts), and an innovative investor.  

Damion is Challenging The Assumptions of what it means to control your money and your future.  Total Financial Control teaches clients to align their investments with their values and interests.  No hidden fees and no money managers.  Damion teaches financial freedom by educating people on how to choose investing strategies that align most with who they are.  

Are you ready to break the chains of financial insecurity?

Joins us today for this thought provoking discussion about life, and what it means to have total financial control over your money!