Challenge Assumptions Episode 34 – Jason Finkelman of Finkelman Immigration Law

Jason Finkelman of Finkelman Immigration Law

Jason Finkelman of Finkelman Immigration Law appeared on the just released episode of Challenge Assumptions. Does this lawyer get business in a traditional buttoned up way? Jason challenges assumptions about bringing in business to a prestigious practice. He is an avid networker and frequent public speaker, known for his entertaining skills he continues to nurture as an improv instructor.  Jason tells us all about how you can apply the art of improvisation in your sales, business and personal lives in unique and fun ways. Passionate about customer service and excellence, he shows the value of committing to one’s craft, and in his case the benefit of the deliberate choice to maintain a high quality level of service and not scale out his business.
Join us for the fun ride and find out where our conversations led us.