Challenge Assumptions Episode 22 Easy Pay Direct

Brad Weimert is an adventurer, salesperson, and very successful entrepreneur, who got his start in the dog eat dog world of door to sales.  In the early 2000's he was the number one sales person for Vector Marketing in the world.  After conquering his goals as a young salesmen selling Cutco knives, Brad founded Easy Pay Direct, a thriving credit card processing company.  

Today on the Challenge Assumptions podcast we meet Brad, who has been challenging the assumptions of sales limitations as well as his human potential, his entire life.  Not only is Brad an accomplished entrepreneur and salesperson, he also has his sights set on becoming the next American Ninja Warrior.  His wildly competitive spirit and sheer determination should make him a formidable opponent to any of his challengers on the show.  Find out more about Brad's remarkable story and the details of how he got to where he is today on this episode of Challenge Assumptions.  Check out the highlights of Brad’s adventures, his speaking gigs, as well as his consulting work at